World Moscato Day 2020

Today (9th May) is World Moscato Day. Apparently it’s Saturday (?!?!) we’re still in lockdown and self-isolation is the way forward.  We’ve been observing the lockdown rules for quite some time now and we’ve become pros at ordering via home delivery apps, so nothing should stand in the way of celebrating this much loved day….

Flourless Orange and Almond Cake

BUT HAVE NO FEAR – this flourless orange and almond cake will banish any cake-pangs that may have been growing in your house and will keep children (young and old) happy, even if for just a few minutes! 


There is something very British about pheasant. Images of men in tweed, wearing Barbour jackets, valets reloading rifles before handing them back to their masters and hounds with bird in mouth come to mind.

Mum’s Coconut Prawns

These are the sort of thing that you snack on quite easily without realising how many tails you are unashamedly stacking on the side of your plate! 

Sourdough – King of Bread

Once the staple of healthy hippies, sourdough has quickly become the best thing since sliced bread!  The superb flavour of a finished loaf cannot be beaten with its tangy, chewy, smoky taste; this robust bread is the undisputed King of Bread for a reason.

Chocolate Mousse

2 medium eggs 65g dark chocolate 2 tspn sugar 1) melt the chocolate 2) separate the eggs 3) whisk the egg whites and add the sugar 4) add the yolks to the melted chocolate 5) fold the egg whites into chocolate mixture taking care not to lose the air you’ve whisked into the whites 6)pour…

Robbie Burns Supper

Originally posted on gastrorob:
On 25th January, we celebrate the life of Robbie Burns.  Many of us have often gone to organised Robbie Burns Nights where the festivities begin with The Selkirk Grace followed by a procession of pipes, tributes and toasts paid to the haggis before a dinner of ‘haggis, neeps and tatties’ followed…

Margarita Sweet Potato Wedges

Grill some chicken breasts and corn on the cob to make this a great mid-week family supper. But I warn you, the first time I made this I ate the entire tray of sweet potato wedges and left everything else!


“The perfect pumpkin recipe to celebrate this fantastic gourd and welcome in those longer autumnal evenings.”