Part 3: Kyoto & Koyasan (Mount Koya)

The two tempura chefs, master and protégée, set to task, organising the different pieces that they would be using to create our tempura. Individually frying each piece.

Part 2: Matsumoto & Takayama

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience – dressed in my Yukata, sat cross legged at the table, sampling all the delicious components that made my extremely, healthy and well-balanced breakfast. A great way to start another hectic day of sight seeing and travelling. My only advice if having a Japanese breakfast is that you cannot be in a rush. There are so many parts of the breakfast to get through you need time to enjoy them all!

Part 1: Tokyo & Nagano

With my limited Japanese and pointing at pictures in a menu, I ordered a set meal with a bowl of ramen – a Japanese noodle soup dish which was flavoured with ox tongue – and spicy chicken pieces served over rice and the ubiquitous miso soup.

Japan 2015

As many of you know from following my regular posts on facebook, I have been holidaying away for three weeks in Japan.  Culture was at the heart of the trip; with food playing a vital part of my journey; after all, you are going to need to keep your energy up if you intend on…