Japan 2015

As many of you know from following my regular posts on facebook, I have been holidaying away for three weeks in Japan.  Culture was at the heart of the trip; with food playing a vital part of my journey; after all, you are going to need to keep your energy up if you intend on getting to see all those monuments, temples and shrines spread throughout the country.

The biggest mindset that you have to break when getting to Japan is that not all Japanese food is Sushi.  So there are actually plenty of options for those who don’t like the idea of raw fish.  Japanese food is seasonal  – there are no long haul imported items that make their way onto your dish.

So how do you write about a country with various food items on such an extensive journey?

I decided rather than write about the different types of Japanese food which, let’s face it, you can find on the internet i.e. Yakatori, Sushi, etc., I wanted to share with you, my food journey through Japan.  So over the next few weeks I shall be writing about the foods I tasted from:

Part 1: Tokyo & Nagano
Part 2: Takayama & Matsumoto
Part 3: Kyoto, Nara & Koya
Part 4: Hiroshima & Miyajima Island
Part 5: Osaka
Part 6: The Return to Tokyo & Matsushima


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