World Moscato Day 2020

Today (9th May) is World Moscato Day.

Apparently it’s Saturday (?!?!) we’re still in lockdown and self-isolation is the way forward.  We’ve been observing the lockdown rules for quite some time now and we’ve become pros at ordering via home delivery apps, so nothing should stand in the way of celebrating this much loved day.

Muscat Blanc vines (moscato) are thousands of years old, standing the test of time.  And with summer fast approaching, people are reaching out for lighter bodied, sweeter, sometimes fizzier (frizzante) wines to enjoy in the daytime. Moscato also has a lower alcohol content than other varieties so you shouldn’t feel too guilty when reaching out for that second glass.

Flavours of moscato wines are that of

Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 11.20.22.png

Sweet-fresh floral aromas of mandarin, peach and orange blossom are easy on the palate.  Pairing perfectly with curries and asian flavours but can also be accompanied by crunchy crudités or cold cuts of meat and wedges of cheese.  Perfect for a day eating al fresco on balconies/terraces or sitting indoors watching the sunset.  Or as I recently read,  a great brunch-spritzer!

I hope I’ve wet your appetite; order yourself a bottle or pull one out of the fridge (if you’re lucky enough to have had one in the chiller).  You can go to the supermarket and pick up a bottle with your essentials – essential if you’ve been in lockdown!  Vinopolis, Stagnetto nd My Wines have a selection of moscato bottles that you can order through home delivery apps.  Alternatively, take advantage of My Wines’ May offer of cheese and nibbles as can be seen below:


If you use one of the home delivery apps it will be delivered directly to your door! Who could ask for more?

I for one can’t wait to celebrate World Moscato Day 2020 by opening my chilled Moscato Mediterraneo Pinord frizzante whilst watching the sun set.

Regardless of where you get your bottle of moscato from, I hope you can join me!

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