Margarita Sweet Potato Wedges

Grill some chicken breasts and corn on the cob to make this a great mid-week family supper. But I warn you, the first time I made this I ate the entire tray of sweet potato wedges and left everything else!


“The perfect pumpkin recipe to celebrate this fantastic gourd and welcome in those longer autumnal evenings.”


Spice prized for both flavour and medicinal properties; the brown coloured, woody spice is evocatively aromatic with warming sweet and savoury notes at the same time.

Vietnamese Cuisine

People sat curbside on plastic stools enjoying a bowl of pho or congee before dealing with the rest of their day; the smell of food wafting through side streets and intoxicating the senses.

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Pimped-up fettuccine alfredo! Easy. Ingredients: Chicken breast (aim for 1 per person) Spanish onion Garlic Cream Thyme Parmesan cheese Lemon juice Parsley Seasoning Method: 1st: Chop the chicken breast into slices, or equal size pieces and fry in oil/butter. 2nd: Dice a small Spanish onion and 2 cloves of garlic.  Once the chicken is cooked,…

Easy Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie: Comfort food, easy to make using roast beef leftovers.  Easy Cottage Pie.

Lentils, pumpkin & chorizo soul food

At this time of year there is nothing more welcoming and homely than bowl food/soul food.  As the temperature drops outside and evenings close in, a bowl of something warm and full of flavour is just what you need. Cradling the bowl in one hand (close to your chest for added warmth) and spooning soothing…

Chorizo Jam

This is the ultimate in food porn.  Scoop it straight out of the jar with your finger, spread it on toast, bread, crackers, cold cuts, cheese, a generous tablespoon stirred through spaghetti… Ingredients: 500g Cooking Chorizo 1 large white onion finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed 85g light muscovado sugar 3 tbsp Sherry vinegar 2…

Mushroom Arancini

Start by making a mushroom risotto but make sure to ALWAYS make a little bit extra just so that you can make these easy to create, amazing arancini!

Sunday Morning Madeleines

I walked up to my front door to find that there was a bright red present tied with white and blue ribbon waiting at its feet.  It felt as if I had just received my first valentine card…the excitement, the joy, the intrigue.  Ripping through the wrapping, I found myself faced with a metal madeleine…