Frozen Yoghurt

With the heat on the up and summer nearly here these make a great dessert or afternoon treat. Whether you make a containerful to scoop onto cones or as individual popsicles made in shop-bought moulds, kids love them and adults do too!


A quintessential autumnal fruit is the pear. Once I see pears-a-plenty I know autumn is here…Outshined by apples every year, however, I find the pear just as versatile in the kitchen.

Be Inventive

I was going to be away from home for a week and I needed to make sure there was nothing left in the fridge that would turn before I got back. I didn’t want to have to face the prospect of arriving from holiday to find I had a smelly fridge that needed cleaning out. There are times when foraging in…

Pear, Plum and Blackberry Sponge

Whilst stocking up the fridge after my weekly shop I realised I had a few plums and pears at the back of the fridge that had been there for quite a while.  There was also half a punnet of blackberries that were on the turn and needed using up. I didn’t want to waste any…


Even though in this part of the world September is still full-on summer, once pears make an appearance you know Autumn is on its way.  The air is slightly cooler and crisper during the mornings and evenings; the weather has changed. Crisp – the very definition of Autumn.  And what fruit could define the essence…