Food Revolution

Food Resolution Revolution

With the first week of January under our stretched belts, many of us have embarked on some food resolution or other in a bid to fit into that swimsuit come June or just to drop the extra baggage brought on by the holiday excesses.

Dieting and detoxing may sound simple enough but realistically are hard to maintain with everyone falling off the wagon occasionally to the point where some of us can actually be seen pushing it off the road and setting it on fire!

Let’s face it: Winter is a difficult time to eat healthier; think about it; when you come in from the cold, squalid weather outside are you realistically going to want to munch on some iceberg lettuce and unseasonal, cold tomatoes or are you going to want and need something comforting, welcoming and warming?

If you are invited to a friend’s for dinner, are you going to request a ‘cleansing’ diet option different to what your host is cooking because you’re following “VEGANUARY”?

After a hard week at the office, are you really going to push away that glass of wine because you’re having a dry-January and you’re not even allowed to console yourself with a pudding at dinner!?

After the Christmas meatfest, I felt I needed to cook something light, clean and holistically virtuous.  Which I did.  A delicious sea-bass with prawns, en papillote, infused with Thai flavours (ginger, lime, chilli, lemongrass and coriander) and served with steamed purple stem broccoli and sugar snap peas.

Sounds amazing…looked delicious…it was…but I felt so guilty raiding the fridge come 11pm for anything resembling carbs!

Considering that we’ve just come off the post Christmas slump, why should we make ourselves even more miserable in January?!

IMG_0852 (Edited)

As I warm myself up with a plateful of my sumptuous steak and mushroom pie, pastry topped and drizzled with proper gravy, and a side of buttery-bacon tossed savoy cabbage leaves, my recommendations to be able to get through January sensibly and without wanting to binge yourself silly on your days-off are:

  • Plan your meals at the start of the week and buy what you need
  • Buy ingredients and cook more rather than eating pre-packed meals: you’ll be able to control your salt, sugar and (unhealthy) fat intake
  • Try and eat all the produce in your fridge before it rots (easier said than done!)
  • Eat seasonally: try to buy fruit and veg that hasn’t needed to be botoxed within a wrinkle of its life
  • Pimp up your leftovers
  • All food groups are important including carbs and fats
  • Treat yourself every now and again.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution but a New Year Revolution! Join me!



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