Summer Berry Trifle for ONE.

Sneaky Summer Berry Trifle for One!summer berry trifle

Easy to put together and just as easy to eat.


  • 1 ginger biscuit
  • Big handful of summer berries
  • 1 tbspn sugar
  • Double cream
  • Vanilla paste/extract/vanilla pods
  • Toasted flaked almonds

A delicious impromptu indulgence


1st: Put the sugar and berries into a saucepan and heat through until the berries start releasing their juices and collapse in their skins.  I added a splash of plum liqueur!  Remove the fruit and reduce the juices to create fruit syrup.

2nd: Whisk the double cream with vanilla paste.  Marble the fruit syrup through the cream.

3rd: Start assembling your trifle in individual glasses.  Crush a ginger biscuit and pour the rubble into the bottom of a glass.  Add the warm fruits and top with the cold cream.  Top with toasted flaked almonds.

A delicious impromptu indulgence.  The berry juices flow into the ginger biscuit rubble soaking it with the plum liqueur! This works on many levels; texture-wise you’ve got the smooth cream and the crunchy almonds and biscuit, it’s hot and cold – the cold vanilla cream billowing over the warm fruits and finally sweet and tart at the same time!

 A final taste of summer before Autumn foods take over!

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  1. Stanley S says:

    Appreciatte you blogging this


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