Frozen Bananas!

Like something that Robin might shout at Batman, this summer gave me: Frozen Bananas!

In a bid to rescue my waistline and save me from the evil Dr. Hart E. Tack I’ve been peeling, slicing and freezing bananas since June.  Actually I have also frozen raspberries, blackberries and blueberries throughout the summer.

So what have I been using my frozen fruits for?

My weekday summer breakfast has been an ice-cold smoothie of bananas and summer berries; packed with summer fruits (high in antioxidants) and thickened with porridge oats.

For those of you that haven’t seen through the charade; imagine a bowl of ice cold porridge in drink form!  A smoothie though normally chilled with ice-cubes, this can dilute the smoothie in both taste and consistency; hence substituting this for frozen bananas which become slushy when blitzed.

You can buy packets of frozen summer berries but I prefer to buy punnets of fresh summer fruits and freeze them in bags.  That way I can add more of one kind of berry than the others.  Also remember that our grocery stores do not always stock fresh varieties of summer berries, so purchasing them when they are available and freezing them means you can have a regular supply.  Plus fruits bought in season tend to be cheaper than at other times of the year.  Do not use canned fruit as they are generally disappointing.

The recipe couldn’t be simpler:

  • pour ¾ of a glass of milk into a blender and add a handful of frozen banana slices as well as any other fruit you wish.  Add ¼ cup of porridge oats and blend until smooth.  Pour into a glass and drink!

A nutritious alternative to summer berries is to add a tablespoon of peanut butter which combos perfectly with bananas.

I know that summer will officially come to an end in the next few days but the temperature doesn’t necessarily reflect that – so I can see myself breakfasting on summer berry-banana smoothies for a few more weeks to come.

Blitz away!


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