Dinner Date

Last night, I was torn with what to cook for dinner.

After a summer of BBQ’s and eating out, my cupboards were lousier than Mother Hubbard’s! Therefore a stressful supermarket session was necessary to replenish depleted stocks.

Lacking food-shop-practice and forgetting where things were and having to return to the car to get my shopping bags, I spent 45 mins of disorganised foraging and flitting between food aisles! But all was not in vain, as I eventually walked out with a number of items that could be combined to create a variety of meals.

A boot full of shopping and sat in the driver’s seat, I was still unsure what to cook for dinner.

Salmon fillet, sirloin steak, fresh veg, smoked bacon, pasta, rice….

Two immediate ideas came to mind: 1) Bacon wrapped salmon fillet & veg; 2) Asian beef stir fry. But how to choose? How does one really choose between fish and beef? So to help me decide I called upon my friends; I sought help by posting the question on both Facebook and Twitter.

By the time I had driven home and unpacked the shopping, I had several posts on both networking sites with individuals expressing their preference:

Others were just as juxtaposed as I was and made comments like:

Unfortunately for tummy, head won 3:6!

Bacon-wrapped salmon fillet

So bacon-wrapped salmon fillet and veg it was to be.  Easy to prepare and cook.  

1st: Wrap bacon around a salmon fillet.

2nd: Place onto a baking sheet and bake until the bacon is crisp.

There is no danger of over cooking the salmon as the bacon protects it and keeps it moist.  The only difficult thing is having the self restraint to photograph the food before eating the entire plate!!  I clearly didn’t show that restraint!

But as this was quite quick to put together, I went ahead and marinaded the beef for today’s dinner!

So here is my suggestion: those of you who are up for it, seeing as you all helped me with my menu choice – we arrange to cook the same meal on a specific night next sometime and share the results.  Just give everyone enough time to get the food in and we can have our own dinner date.

Who’s in?

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